Improving Public Transportation for the Long Beach Region

The City of Long Beach and surrounding areas are growing, and the transportation needs of residents are changing. Long Beach Transit (LBT) is looking at ways to respond to the needs of a rapidly evolving customer market.

As we continue to grow, our transit system should be a first class choice for mobility. LBT is evaluating its entire transit operation to accommodate expected growth through ensuring mobility and improving the overall quality of life for all current and future residents of Long Beach and surrounding areas.

Our Approach

The Long Beach Transit (LBT) STAR Initiative stands for Systemwide Transit Analysis and Reassessment. The STAR Initiative will evaluate different types of service investments and consider possible changes to LBT’s services and routes. The year-long comprehensive analysis will take an in-depth look into current transit operations and anticipate future service needs to improve people’s ability to move around Long Beach and easily access everyday destinations today and beyond.

The STAR Initiative will identify the most important improvements to the Long Beach Transit system – new transit services, improvements to existing services, and new customer amenities. Ultimately, this document will serve as a road map for LBT to improve the customer experience and meet community needs for the next five to 10 years.

The STAR Initiative process consists of three phases over the next year:

  • Phase 1: Understand transportation needs
  • Phase 2: Identify a range of potential service scenarios to meet those needs
  • Phase 3: Evaluate service scenarios; choose a preferred network of routes and services; and define priority projects and plans.

Once complete, LBT plans to adopt recommendations from the STAR Initiative in Winter 2018.

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We invite you to explore this website and learn more about the STAR Initiative.