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Welcome Aboard! What can LBT do to better meet your transit needs?

Between January and April 2017, Long Beach Transit completed the first phase of STAR Initiative community outreach, gathering feedback from more than 1,200 members of the community.

Through the online survey we asked the community what they would do to design a better transit system. At community meetings and pop-up events participants voted for their preferred transit improvements using stickers.

Between the online survey and the stickers activity, more than 7,700 votes were cast for improvements. Here’s what we heard:

To see more information that was presented to the community during STAR Initiative outreach, click here. In Fall 2017, the STAR Initiative will present initial recommendations and ask for feedback from the community through an online survey and public meetings. If you would like to be notified of the survey, future events, and project updates, please leave your email address in the "Get Notified" form at the bottom of this page.